Windsor Severance Fire Stations #2 & #3 I Dohn Construction

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Windsor Severance Fire Stations #2 & #3

Windsor Severance Fire Stations #2 & #3

11077 ft 2 Windsor, CO,

Windsor-Severance Fire Station #3 is a 9,394 square foot wood framed exterior structure with an interior concrete masonry unit (CMU) Apparatus truck bay. The complex roof design incorporates engineered trusses with extensive over framing to provide a large gable appearance with multiple dormers. The exterior finishes include glue-laminated timbers, stucco, and manufactured stone. The living quarters provide space for five separate bunkrooms, a break room/gym, storage, laundry, and a mechanical mezzanine. There is a full kitchen with complete stainless steel casework, counter tops, and appliances.  Also included is a safety shutoff gas connection that will turn off the kitchen gas supply when a response call is activated. Windsor-Severance Fire Station #2 is an 11,077 square foot wood framed exterior structure with an interior CMU Apparatus truck bay. The new station holds various vehicles and equipment, such as water carrying tenders and brush trucks. There are six bedrooms for the crew complete with beds, desks, closets, chairs and bathrooms and a workout room. The interior also features a full kitchen with safety shutoff gas connections set to automatically turn off upon activation of an emergency response call. An additional elevated area allows for confined space training, rappelling and practicing throwing ladders.