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Ginger and Baker: Making our Mark on Fort Collins History

The old Feeder’s Supply Building, as we know it, is getting a facelift. The newly started project, Ginger and Baker, will be a three-story building converted from the old mill. The plans include a complete gut and renovation of the 106-year old building and a new 3-story addition designed in the shape of a pie slice in the adjacent lot. Once complete, Ginger and Baker will contain a pie shop, of course! It will also bring two restaurants, a coffee/retail shop, private wine cellar, dining room, and rooftop restaurant/bar to the historic downtown spot.
The array of Ginger and Baker’s features will make it an interesting project to work on from start to finish. As Project Manager Brian Pearson explains, “I’m most excited about working on a project with so many end uses.”
However, the renovation is not a simple task, as the state of the building has led to complexities in project planning. But the Ginger and Baker’s team is just right for the job: Field Superintendent Nate Brock has been hard at work throughout the process to ensure the building maintains its structural integrity during its transformation. Additionally, since several wood and metal elements are being salvaged from the existing building to be reused in the final product, Nate and his team are taking great care to protect the materials while on site.
Certain features in the project’s construction also add to its uniqueness. The entire existing roof of the building must be strategically removed and replaced. Massive shoring and bracing efforts must be made during this process to keep the existing walls of the building standing. The existing basement will be dug out an additional 24” by hand to allow for the new building’s layout and full use of the basement. Due to no layback room, three sides of the excavation have been shored, including along the existing building.
The new building will house nearly $1M worth of kitchen/cooking equipment across its two kitchens, bar, coffee bar, and pie shop to ensure, as owner Ginger Graham told the Coloradoan, Downtown Fort Collins has “…consistent and easy access to a great piece of pie.”
The building will be a sight to see upon completion. Pie won’t be the only thing we’ll have access to with this renovation—Ginger and Baker is sure to give us access to a great piece of Fort Collins history.